APX supplies a wide range of round and rectangular wires in copper and alloys

All the products Round wires

  • Enamelled copper wires (155°/180° solderable, H 180°/200° Class)
  • Polyimide PYRE ML copper wire (240°)
  • Thermo-adhesive copper wires
  • Thermo-setting copper wires
  • Tinned copper wires (annealed or hard drawn) (standard or customized tin layer)
  • Covered copper wires (Silix, Daglas, Nomex, Kapton, Paper)
  • Bare copper wires Cu-A1 (Iso: Cu-ETP) and Cu-C1(Iso: Cu-OF) (annealed or hard drawn)
  • Silver plated copper wires (standard or customized tin layer)
  • Gold plated copper wires
  • Nickel plated copper
  • Litz wires
  • Bronze wires
  • Silver wires (99.9%)
  • Gold wires
  • Aluminium wires
  • Nickel Chrome wires
  • Brass wires (CuZn36 / CuZn37 / CuZn15)
  • Resistant wires (Constantan , Nickel silver….)

Rectangular and flat wires

Bars and cuts out

Size cutting and shaping