APX supplies a wide range of round and rectangular wires in copper and alloys

Since 1992, APX has been specialized in purchasing, stocking, rewinding and retail supplying of non ferrous semi-finished products, mostly in copper and its alloys: round, rectangular and flat wires, tubes, plates and cut out pieces.

Whatever their different fields of activity, from aircraft, electronics and medical industry to research institutions and jewellery, all customers benefit from APX certified products and service quality.

Non ferrous metals and alloys ( production, processing, trade)

Enamelled copper wire, Thermo-adhesive copper wire, Thermo-setting copper wire, Tinned copper wire, Red bare copper wire, Silver plated copper wire, Gold plated copper wire, Covered copper wire, Litz wire, Aluminium wire, Bronze wire, Brass wire, Gold wire, Stainless steel wire, Resistant wire, Enamelled rectangular copper wire, Covered rectangular copper wire, Enamelled rectangular aluminium wire, Flat copper wire, Brass or tined copper strip, Bar, Plate, Tube, Cutting out and working out of pieces.